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#d4ab1b #4d3952 #b86505 #5b6342 #ae6e5d
Amber Silk Road Plum Hitching Post Olive Pueblo
Behind this Tibetan Silk textile you can use a number of color types. The gold of “Amber” is an obvious connection to the rich yellow areas of the textile. “Hitching Post “ picks up the deeper earthy hues in the gold sections, and is a beautiful rich rusty hue. “Pueblo” is a more neutral red-clay type, a warm background to pick up on the pinks but which can also play a more supporting role. Olive is a beautiful deep yellow-based green, toned-down and very neutral, being usable even for a large space. Silk Road Plum will give you a deep, warm plum background that hearkens to ancient royal hues.
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