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#8f7e5e #89a3a5 #b86505 #ab4f4a
Cafe au Lait Sandy Lagoon Hitching Post Grand Teton Clay
Back to the “Hitching Post,” for a warm, saturated and comfortable color that while rich is not too bright. The warm gray details of the textile really come forth in this combination. Red can be overpowering and feel heavy, but not so with “Grand Teton Clay,” saturated but subdued at the same time. If it’s too much color for an entire room, try it behind this textile and use “Café au Lait” on other areas, as a way to directly relate to the darker details in the textile. “Sandy Lagoon” gives a completely different color-view, and makes the warm colors of the textile really stand out. It’s a great paint color that can be used in large or small rooms for a very comfortable effect.
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