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Sandra Whitman Gallery
361 Oak Street
San Francisco CA, 94102

Bao Tao Mat
#333b50 #754f33 #b93e07 #cdb484
Dean's Dream Chestnut Carnelian Terracotta Sand
The perfect midnight blue: “Dean’s Dream,” a background for this earth-toned antique rug. The Naturalistic theme of animals and trees are well complemented by this color palette. Browns in the rug are continued with “Chestnut,” as a rich-hued but lower contrast color, really continuing the rug palette and directly reflecting the color of some of the tree images in the rug. The lighter, warm tones of “Terracotta Sand” provide a soft background for the piece in a paint color that you can comfortably use in many kinds of spaces. In the case of this textile, the deep browns help balance the strong paint color when you use a vibrant color having the more saturated drama of “Carnellian,” a beautifully jewel-rich hue that will add warmth and energy to any space.
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