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Sandra Whitman Gallery
361 Oak Street
San Francisco CA, 94102

Ningxia Runner
#839996 #ab7536 #968d86 #e0d69b
Slate Bronze Stone Buttercream
The strong golds and black of this runner are enhanced with diverse approaches to color use. The ‘highlight’ colors of the small leaf-shapes in the border are brought out with “Buttercream,” which is a beautiful color on a large space. We’ve used it successfully in foyers, bedrooms, and other areas having an expanse of wall surfaces. The overall sunlit quality brings out the color that appears only in small areas in the rug. In a similar way, “Bronze” relates most directly to a color used in the narrow borders of the rug. It would be a stronger statement for walls, but no less beautiful. “Stone” provides a warm gray background, sophisticated and a little more serious. Even though it is a gray, remember that in these colors you will have many tints that create a color-rich environment in a neutral tone. Blue and Yellow? Subdued and rich, “slate” is a great complement to the saturated golds of the rug. I’d think of this as a neutral paint color, too, while relating to the color of the small blue areas on the border.
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